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Jul. 14th, 2009

More, More, More


Hiya Fellas!


So I've decided to put up some more icons on my profile, I'd love to know what you think of them. Oh and uhm,check out Cash Cash they are pretty friggin sweet... and Cascada makes me happy so uhm, YAAAAY.



(1960 Kuala,Lumpur)

Jul. 13th, 2009

Oh, The Days Go By Oh So Slow.

Well this is an entry about the 11th and the 12th and a little bit of today 13th.



I got to spend time with my Shi( you all know her as xreeshiex). We pretty much hung out at her padres house and watched movies and wresteling. We ate this friggin sweet ace pizza, drank grape soda from glass bottles and had a little Cranberry booze. We also had a little excitement that night. This was because a Polish-or...something- festival was going on across the street from us and la policia kept getting called down in front of the house. EVERYTIME, that happened there were some werid ass people parked in our drive way and we got pissed, we were all " Bitches move you're veichel!"  The second i e it happened we wondered outside and demanded that they leave, it was quite amusing beause as I came back to the house I distintively heard a cop talking to a guy and saying " When we heard "GUN!" we take that shit seriously, sorry Dude." I  cracked up laughing it was the best. so it was around....uh...  two in the morning when we decided to watch our other movie the first one we watched was "Bride Wars" it was pretty good, but damn were those bitches twigs! I was all "UNFAIR!" it was humerous.  then we went into the basement and made camp and watched " Sex Drive" it was pretty okay it was ... well.. hilarious. I will never forget the credits when Seth Green said to Pete " Well I liked your penis on the internet!" it was made of awesome....Shinfo: Seth Green is hosting the wresteling this Monday... well tonight ( Damn I forgot it was monday.)

I awoke to a severe backache, as well as a mild headache and Shi turning the telly on and watching Daisy of Love, or some shit. We chilled for a little while and drank some IBC for a quick pick-me-up. I packed my shit and headed for home because I had to be back around Noon for some reason unknown to man. Except the grand-monster wasn't there so I deided to tell Papa what was up then went to McPlace(Mcdonalds) and got some lunch then waited awround for awhile bfore I decided to take a shower and get read. I was leaving by 4:oopm to go to my baby's house( Robb!<3) except I left a little early and ended up at the Speedway thats attached to a Dairy Queen/Subway. I ended up getting a bottle of water and a Tagalong-Strawberry Cheesquake blizzard. I  went back out to Jerrah( Moi Jeep) and waited around a little bit nibbling on the blizzard until I got a text from Robb saying where he was at, then I waited a little longer and I seen his car at the light in  that time I pulled out, well tried to. I was frusterated at the people who were trying to do shit around me. I eventually got out there behind him and we went to his house so he could shower,  which he told me about his day whilst we waited for the  water to heat up for his bath. We eventually heaed out and I drove us to my fathers. I was happy to see him, but not Rita(step-mom...aka Step-Bitch). She apparently has issues with me that are unresolved I've gvien her a few chances now, and I'm not giving her anymore. She's like a face-friend, you can only handle them for so long before you want to shoot them in the face. The upside of this day was the fact that I got to spend time with my baby, and I got to see my Daddy.

Yeah, I almost feel asleep driving myself home last night, it wasn't fun. I got home last night took a shower, and passed out with my earbuds in, I slept till a little passed noon today. I was beat. Then I picked up my room a little bit, went and picked up my check from McPlace then headed to Valpo to put it in my account. ( which apparently now, I know that the Step-bitch has yet to take her name off of it.) So tomorrow I'm going to close my account and  open up a new one here in  town beause i don't want to deal with her dumb shit anymore than I have to. On the positive side  I get to spend time with Robbie today and I'm going to try and get more photos of us together, because God knows that we needs them. I also have estbalished that I'm going to "fast" in around about mannerism. H2O, Juices, and saltines will be consumed... and maybe smal amounts of food. Found out I weigh 220lbs(100kilos.) I am a chunky monkey (laughs) So Diteing is on my plate as well as making icons, taking photos.... and more fun art things!!!!

Jul. 12th, 2009

Wozer's Batman, I Do Exsist!


I have returned to LJ with a new information about the Marverlous Misadventures of..... Me?

   That is really no surprise now is it, seeing that it is a journal... and.. I am me? Well anyways within the past five months I've held onto the love of my life.(1) He is so sweet and loving and warm and everything that Iever wanted, not to mention he's cute too and he hass Glasses. He is my Robb and I loves him. In Other news instead of being a Steak 'N Shake person, I am now a McPerson( As my lover so affectionately refers to me as, *giggles* It amuses me so much). And Also I have stared my iconz making, and I have decided to share... the... two? ( Wait, no, Three) that I have completed!


1. Its my first attempt and yes its me.( tried to make it better so you could see it all but it looked angry)

2. Some people who work at Mcdonalds are pretty

3. Cute Friends Take Cute Photos.



Mar. 5th, 2009

(no subject)

So I've entered the world in which you need to obtain a job, to make scrilla. Today I have a job interview at 4pm, well its the follow up to my previous one. ( Steak&Shake/ success xD) I really do I hope I get the job though, because I really do need one, so I can get myself my own car, help pay for my college, and  get an apartment.
So I got the job, pretty much, which makes me super stoked. I go in Monday for oreintation, and fill out all my paperwork. I think with  partof my first pay check I'll go shopping. I need hair extensions and make-up to satisfy my current needs. I'm currently in a transtion and needing to adjyust my hair, I plan too lose over 40 pounds by winter, or so. Need to get me thinned up and in a bikini so I'll be a hot bitch ( xD Fer Sure). Have any tips, I'd love to hear them.

Also, Holly has  pulled me back into the writing arena. I now also want to work on poetry as well as my  drawings/sketches/clothes ideas. I'll possibly end up taking alot of photos too. Yaaaay Photos! Second or third par chek will be for  the camera that I want, maybe.( is tired of taking photos with her camera phone, longs to hold a sweet camera tween her fingers.)

Anyway, Hope you lot had a swell day.

Best Wishes!


Feb. 16th, 2009

So I'm ill Right.

So I think I've been sick sine last thursday but I have no idea, and theres not really any tissues so I've been using hardcore paper towels and napkins and shit. It feels as if I've been snorting crack or snothing, because its constantly that I have to  use them, then my nose is sore and red and I'm like rubbing it as well so go figure, I'm like foe-addicted to drugs. But then again I also like my imiatation fight club-ish photos. I need to work on my make-uping and make sure I can put up a good one. I'll possibly start working with my hair more because we all know that I actually need to do this. Plus my aunt has came back from florida yesterday so there is a posibility that my hair might get dyed soon. PALE BLONDE BITCHES! I really need it though, theres like shit loads of gold in my hair and it looks slightly disturbing, I also miss my old bangs only a little bit. But I think I only need my hair to grow out some so it wont look as deranged<3


Cheers loves!

Feb. 6th, 2009


It's cold as hell.
My Fingers Are Purple.
The revolution of icon making has arrived on my doorstep.
Fear me.



So it's about two o'clock in the Mofo-ing morning. I'm watching POTC2, and I desperately want soe Davey Jones icons and some icons of the dude with the wooden eye whose name escapes me but I love. I'm freezing in the living room of my uncles house. TheSheppies are sleeping with my aunt, and i'm drinking soda. I feel  fat right now. *ingested bad things*

Going job serching tomorrow, perhaps I'll get starbucks orsomething. Then make epic amounts of icons, play pokemon with Melon, and read the rest of Choke.



Dashingly Yours~

Sep. 18th, 2008

Yeah, Dude, Seriously.

表面の私を撃ちなさい! (xOx)

Something I could so totaly go for right now, in my display picture.Seriously dude, you don't even know.
Annnd Nexxxt.Collapse )
Okay, how can someone’s brain hypothetically shut down from being bored to death? I don’t have an answer for this but yesterday, that was so me it wasn’t even funny. Last night I ran up stairs and checked Gregory*  I got a text from my friend and he was all “ I’m so bored” well we couldn’t really go and do anything at the moment seeing as it was like ten at night and we both have class the next day… mine starts at frickin’ 8:30. But anyway somehow we got onto Bananas in pajamas. This then sparked the idea of a pajama party and hence were most likely going to have one next week at his apartment in town.  Cracks me up sometimes.
I kind of miss my guys back in Westville you know the kind that do back flips off garages into 8foot deep pools and come out unscathed and proclaim that they want to go again. Nick Monster from CVS stores one the way to venues. Mention someone “putting the sexy in anorexia” ( as a joke for he is incredibly tiny for his height and eats like a friggin horse). I’m planning on visiting around fall and winter break. Hit up the heated pool play some guitar hero and take my friends 91’ camero for a drive, yay for fast cars.
Oh well… I need to eat again soon. I’m probly going to play dress up tomorrow and try and get some good pics of my past homecoming dress and some other sweet things with the minimalistic apparel that I claim as my own.
BA*- Bad Ass
Gregory*- That is the name of my cellular device, he is named after the main character of House ( Gregory House.)
</div>-giggles at the Dude! Where's My Car reference-
 Damn! now I want Chinese food.

Sep. 16th, 2008

Clockwork Orange

Awh Shit! (Yay! Thomas~)

Alright I've recently came into some shitty karma, I have no idea why I think it's just me, and my bad luck so whatever I'm going to deal with it. Not even a week ago my cat, whose name is 'Meow', yes like the sound the cats make. Ran upstairs to my room whilst I was attempting to get dressed and pissed in one of my shoes. ThenThis last week, a stupid ass dog wandered into our yard, not that I don't like animals but this dog pissed me off yesterday, He got my baby, Lily,(puppy around 8months) hit by a car. Then my father, the senitive man that he is suggest that she may not make it. i was all:

"Thanks dad, what a shitty thing to say when you know I get very emotional when animals keel over."

I can't even touch,be near, or look at a dead animal... It makes me nausas and depressed, go figure.

Recently I've  gotten an addiction to South Park again, it's so damned addicting and the fanart that I usualy come upon is goregeous!

point in being( just for the fact I mentioned the terrets filled bag of joy Thomas.. I'll put up a picture of him... and probly one of Tweek because me and Him...Coffee... is like... medication. Ha^ha~

     Craig And Thomas; Oekaki done By emixoO:iconemixoO:@ Deviant Art

Tweek Art done By~ stardroidjean:iconstardroidjean: At Deviant Art.

All South Park Characters Belong to Matt Stone & Trey Parker.